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How visualizing your customer base can help your advertising spend

Analyzing the location of your customers and the areas you are targeting for advertising can help you identify useful patterns to improve your overall return on investment.

Feature Release – Advanced Tabular Location View

Use the advanced tabular view to analyze targeted locations and optimize spend to revenue generation! One of the unique advantages of using Beacon is the ability to pair transaction/revenue data to Google Ads targeted locations, which helps dealerships better allocate ad spend to targeted locations that generate more revenue for their store. While the Beacon […]

Feature Release – KPI Email Digest

Recieve an automated monthly email digest providing key performance metrics and month-over-month trend data! Executing an effective digital advertising strategy for a dealership or dealer group is often just one of many hats an individual wears. With countless platforms, dashboards, and KPIs we understand that maximizing the value of Beacon means removing friction and getting […]

Feature Release – PMA/AOR Data

Differentiate areas inside or outside your Primary Marketing Area/Area of Responsibility (PMA/AOR) Beacon can now differentiate between targeting areas located within your dealership PMA/AOR and outside of it. Given certain marketing strategies may be partially (or wholly) dicated by these boundaries set by the OEM, this can help determine whether an area of opportunity warrants […]

Feature Release – Census Data

Canadian Census data is here! We’ve had census data on the horizon since day one, and we’re excited that the feature has been fully rolled out. After zeroing in on your best customer pools, getting access to additional targeting data has always been the logical next step. All of this demographic information is now available […]

Feature Release – Service Repair Order (RO) Data

Integrate Service Repair Order Data! By overwhlemingly popular demand, Beacon now supports the integration of service RO data. Identify where your dealership generates service revenue and tailor your marketing spend to consolidate areas of strength and/or conquest new markets. Take your analysis a step further by filtering to show service campaign data to help determine […]

Feature Release – Beacon Score

It’s time for one click marketing insights! Beacon Score is a measurement of marketing efficiency. It helps you compare marketing and sales performance across different customer pools, making it easy to find the best bang for your buck: It works by factoring in both relative marketing volume as well as relative marketing engagement. Looking at […]