Vehicle Sales & Service RO Transaction Data

Drill down into transaction data plotted by postal code to identify areas of opportunity or waste. Filter visualized data by transaction type (vehicle sales or service RO), vehicle condition, year, make, and/or model.

Layer individual or aggregate campaign data to ensure marketing spend is correlated with revenue generation.

Total Ad Spend


Total Impressions


Total Clicks


Total Conversions


Cost Per Conversion


Ad Spend Per Sale


Total Revenue


Revenue Per Sale


Total Transactions


Review transaction and campaign data to determine overall performance at a glance. Use trend data to identify opportunities to improve.

View Ads Campaign and Census Data by Postal Code

Leverage Canada Census data to reveal the demographic makeup of where you sell and service vehicles most.

Quickly identify areas of revenue opportunity or ad spend waste inside and outside your PMA/AOR. Adjust budget allocations over time to increase revenue generated per dollar of marketing spend.

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What's included
  • Unlimited Sales Transactions
  • Unlimited Service RO Transactions
  • Unlimited Users
  • Google Ads Integration
Dealer Groups
What's included
  • All Platform Functions & Features
  • Ongoing Data Management
  • Performance Consulting