Feature Release – Data Trends

Identify postive and/or negative trends across marketing and transaction data to help drive decision making!

Any data point in isolation can be difficult to interpret without context. Is a given number good or bad? How has it changed over time? A common request we’ve had is to help make sense of the data in Beacon, so our latest feature release provides comparison data for each data point in our aggregate insights dashboard:

Beacon - Trend Data

The default comparison range contrasts the data within the selected date range to the same number of days immediately prior (period-over-period comparison). Further, modifying filters can help you dive deeper into specfic trends you’d like to see.

For example, you can review revenue, revenue per transaction, and total transactions between vehicle sales and service ROs separately:

Beacon - Service Transactions - Aggregate Trends

Looking to go deeper? Combine any set of filters to get granular on specific marketing and transaction trend data.

For example, filter for used vehicle sales along with your used inventory marketing campaign to determine if your used inventory advertising spend and conversions are correlated with driving increased used inventory sales revenue:

Beacon - Campaign Drilldown - Aggregate Trends

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