Introducing Beacon

Unify your sales, service and marketing data to drive better decisions

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Marketing Spend

Connect Google Ads

Integrate your Google Ads campaign performance data in real-time to evaluate strategy and performance.

Marketing Spend

Visualize your transactions

Integrate sales and service data from any source to determine where your dealership generates revenue.

Marketing Spend

See regional statistics

Leverage Canadian Census data to reveal the demographic makeup of where you sell and service vehicles.

Marketing Spend

Optimize marketing strategy

Choose between a visual map or tabular data view to evaluate marketing performance and fine tune strategy.

Introducing Beacon: a complete insights platform

Objectively determine the impact of your advertising on vehicle sales and service ROs - align your marketing strategy with revenue generation to drive higher ROI.

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What's included
  • Unlimited Sales Transactions
  • Unlimited Service RO Transactions
  • Unlimited Users
  • Google Ads Integration
Dealer Groups
What's included
  • All Platform Functions & Features
  • Ongoing Data Management
  • Performance Consulting