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Posted by Visifii Admin on September 22, 2020

For most dealerships, Google My Business remains one of the most consistently underutilized features available at the incredible price point of essentially free. For perspective, imagine a potential customer Googling your business, or even just ‘dealerships’ in your area, imagine what you could do if you were granted a front and center advertisement for your current OEM incentives, upcoming events, and unique selling propositions right on that person’s Google results page. Now imagine that this arrangement would last forever and would cost you nothing but a meager amount of time to set up and maintain. Who would turn down such an arrangement? As it turns out – you’d be surprised.


What is required to publish a GMB Post?

Choose a Post Type

While there are a variety of GMB post types that each come with their pros and cons, we most often use the “Event” type when promoting offers, incentives, or sales events for stores. The reason for this is that it allows for an event title, start and end dates, a description, and a call-to-action button, as well as creative assets including up to 10 photos or videos, and a link to the relevant page on your website. The post type is important because it sets the framework for the post, and it dictates what we can and cannot add to your post.

Choose a Post Title

Your title should be succinct and capture attention as you’ll only have 58 characters to hook a potentially interested customer. This section will also allow you to set the start and end dates that this promotion is valid for which is the time investment we mentioned earlier. There is a bit of scheduling involved here, but if you do it well the rewards are more than worth it. We also recommend putting the name of your event or offer (i.e: OEM program, dealership sale) here to motivate online shoppers to click the post and learn more:

GMB Event Post – Title and Dates


Determine Your Post Details

While you do have up to 1,500 characters to describe your offer or event, you should be aware that this will be truncated on your GMB profile unless the user clicks ‘More’, so it is important that you make your first 300 characters the most compelling part of the post. You’ll also have the option to insert a call-to-action to show users how to take the next step. As an example, you can then link to a page on your website specific to the offer or event, or simply to an inventory page featuring the models the offer applies to:

GMB Event Post – Additional Details


Add Some Photos and/or Videos

Your Photos should be at least 400px wide by 300px tall and they need to be in JPG or PNG format. Having said that, we do recommend the use of larger images (i.e: 1200 x 900) for increased resolution and clarity. A blurry image suggests inexperience and a lack of professionalism, so a high res image is crucial. Ideally, the photo should also feature the most compelling aspect of your offer or event (i.e: 0% financing, up to $10,000 off, etc.) Studies show that people spend less than a second deciding if something is worth clicking on, so the more you can make your offer pop the better it is going to do.

If you decide to add a video, and they can be very effective, bear in mind that they must be uploaded in the following file formats: AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPG, M4V, MKV, M2TS, or MTS and come with a maximum size limit of 100 MB.

GMB Event Post – Asset Upload


Once you have everything ready to publish you can preview your post to see how it will render when it is live on your GMB page:

GMB Event Post – Post Preview


Most types of GMB posts expire after 7 days, but an advantage of the “Event” type post is you can leave it running for as long as your incentive lasts. That said, Google will put a timestamp on each post to show how long ago it was uploaded, so your offer may begin to look stale if it’s been there for weeks.

To keep your profile up-to-date and engaging to potential customers, we recommend scheduling multiple posts to advertise your incentive and changing the title and copy each time to keep things fresh. It will also create a sense of urgency as the promotion or event approaches completion

So, that’s the beginner’s guide. You’ve got an exciting event and you’re all set to appear on the Google search results page for every person who searches for your store. In the end, all it cost you was a bit of thought and a few minutes of work, but, of course, if that’s a few minutes too many don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!

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